Virtual & In-Person Screenings

As part of the Outreach & Engagement Campaign for CURED, co-directors Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon are partnering with LGBTQ groups, mental health organizations, historical societies, academic institutions, and community groups to host private screenings of the film. With COVID-19 still on the radar, all the screenings right now are virtual. If in-person screenings become possible during the year ahead, the team will shift its plans and may also offer hybrid events with both an in-person and virtual component. In the meantime, the producers are using a software platform (called Show&Tell) to connect with audiences that allows them to offer as many private virtual screenings as can be arranged (and funded). Each screening is co-branded with the host organization, and hosts have the option of recording a short video to introduce the film and welcome their members to the screening event.

For each private screening event, CURED is available for a week on Show&Tell, so viewers can stream the film at their leisure. Near the end of the screening window, a live Q&A takes place on Zoom featuring a panel of experts and members of the film team. As in traditional Q&As, audience members are able to ask questions of the panelists and engage in an interactive discussion. The filmmakers collaborate with the co-host of each screening event to assemble a panel of their choosing that matches the goals of the event. Show&Tell allows screenings to be free, ticketed, or supported by donations. Here are details about how the platform works.

Please contact the filmmakers for more information about hosting a virtual screening for your organization.

Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Screenings

Organizations that have hosted or are scheduled to host a screening in the months ahead:

  • American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting

  • AASLH (American Association for State and Local History) 2021 Annual Meeting

  • American Psychiatric Association Foundation

  • Art with Impact

  • Born Perfect

  • Dutch Psychiatric Association

  • Eastern Michigan University

  • Equitas Health

  • Family Counseling Center of the Finger Lakes

  • The Forum on Workplace Inclusion 33rd Annual Conference

  • Frames of Mind (Screening Series) – Cinematheque – in Vancouver, BC

  • Friends of LebMASH

  • Historical Society of Pennsylvania

  • 2021 History of Science Society Annual Meeting

  • The History Project (Boston)

  • Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition

  • LebMASH

  • LGBTQ Virtual Health Care Conference — Indiana University

  • The Loft Community Center

  • MadFreedom

  • Mattachine Society of Washington, DC

  • Medical Student Pride Alliance

  • The Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon Peerpocalypse Conference 2021

  • Midwestern History Association 2021 Conference

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Bucks County

  • NAMI Clackamas

  • NAMI North Carolina

  • NAMI Maryland

  • NAMI New Hampshire

  • NAMI Wisconsin

  • The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)

  • National Council for History Education

  • New York City Health & Hospitals

  • Out Professionals

  • The Outwords Archive


  • Rainbow History Project
  • Rainbow Youth Alliance

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting

  • Southeast Idaho Area Health Education Center

  • Spektral Quartet

  • Transforming Care Conference

  • The Trevor Project

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center